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The Vincity Grand Park townhouse project owned by Vingroup when there is information on the market, many curious people interested in, they care about the location of Vincity Grand Park where? Is the location is good, have convenient transportation connection? These are questions that many people are interested in.
Vincity Grand Park is located at 2 frontage of Nguyen Xien – Phuoc Thien main street, Long Phuoc ward in the center of District 9. Vincity Grand Park has one of the prime locations in District 9. Flexible connection with central districts and important areas around the city. Ho Chi Minh City with all convenient transportation systems including road, rail, waterway and Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien subway system. With extremely convenient traffic system linking with the fast-moving district, and especially the House of Pho’s project with more than one kilometer of Pho Noi River and Dong Nai River.
Road: located at the corner of 2 main frontage Nguyen Xien – Phuoc Thien, Long Phuoc Ward in the center of District 9.
Waterway: adjacent to the Dong Nai River and Tac River, convenient to travel by waterway and convenient for the development of tourism on the river.
Railway: With the traffic system of Metro No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien help residents to travel quickly.
With the saying about real estate is like the maxim when buying real estate, one can not fail to mention the value of real estate based and the criteria “most myopic, second best” is the ideal place to buy real estate. Neighborhoods and neighborhoods are important factors in feng shui to help real estate owners have many good luck and convenience.
Vincity Grand Park, a Vingroup developer, wishes to create a community of civilized and prosperous residents with the highest level of utilities to bring the next generation of living experiences to life. most here. Owners of Vincity Grand Park will have the chance to explore the Dong Nai river with scenic views, enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural scenery that are not owned by any project.
Vincity Grand Park is a combination of superior services and amenities that are not comparable to any other townhouse project in terms of location and proximity to the river. Despite being located between district 9, the standard 5-star service reserved for destination residents is proud to experience life with a cool eco-environment.

– Vinschool School is located in the heart of the Vincity Grand Park neighborhood.
– Vinmec General Hospital is on the premises of Vincity Grand Park
– Green park and playground for children with many attractive games
– Vinmec convenience store at the project
– Trade center
– Green Park
– The Vincity Grand Park residential service center is available 24/7
– Home services: house cleaning, sanitation, cleaning, laundry
– Service of repairing equipment and tools at home
– Catering service at home
– Support for Vincity Grand Park residents.

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