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Unit Price Shop House Vincity Grand Park

Shop House Vincity Grand Park has a wide variety of areas: 120m2, 145m2, 165m2, 180m2 to help customers have more choices to meet the needs of each customer.
Unit Price Shop House Vincity Grand Park
Price Shop House Vincity Grand Park depending on the area, the location of ShopHouse, the front of the house will cost different. Selling price will range from 6 billion

Shop House Vincity Grand Sale policy

General introduction of the Vincity Grand Park project:
Project Name: Vincity Grand Park

Investor: Vingroup is the owner

Project location: with 3 fronts: Nguyen Xien, Phuoc Thien, Vanh Dai 2, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City with 2 faces of Dong Nai River and Song Tac

Vincity Grand Park’s total of 3,650,000 square meters

Being developed by the owner of Vingroup Group into a high-tech and modern complex in the East Saigon area of ​​5-star quality.

Area of ​​riverside park: 500,000 m2 (50 ha) is considered the largest and most beautiful park in Vietnam.

Construction density accounts for only 20% – 25%

Contractor: Hoa Binh & Coteccon

Development projects in the main areas: Apartments, ShopHouse, Townhouses adjacent, Villas

Unit Price Shop House Vincity Grand Park

The main facilities include: Business Center, Boat Station, Vinmec International Hospital with 5-star standard, Vinschool-related schools from 12th to 12th grade, entertainment and recreation area, outdoor play area for children, many swimming pools around the block apartment, golf course, tennis court, basketball court, golf court, luxury gym and modern barbecue area. exclusively for project residents

Price Shop House Vincity Grand Park area: 100m2 price 6 billion depending on the area and location, from the time of the project.

Area: 120m2 with price from 7.2 billion

Area: 145m2 with price from 8.7 billion
Area: 165m2 with price from 9.9 billion
Area: 180m2 with price from 10.8 billion
Shop House Vincity Grand Park is the owner of the home exterior finish Vingroup, rough inside.
Please pay attention to the price of each unit Shop House Vincity Grand Park please contact us soon to set the location for your best location.

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